Sensational scallops!

We catch some scallops in Darwin. As Darwin does not have scallop boats, they are somtimes a by-catch of the prawn trawlers towards the end of the year during Tiger Prawn season. 

We also sell a large range of scallops from Australia to Japan. Our range includes....

  • Scallop 1/2 Shell- Queensland
  • Scallop roe on- Tasmainia
  • Scallop Whole- Local
  • Scallop Crumbed
  • Scallop Roe on/off- Japan
  • Scallop Roe on/off- China   

Did you know?

  • Unlike mussels and clams, scallops can swim by clapping their shells together quickly.
  • Scallops have 60 eyes on the edge of their shell that are usually a blue color.
  • As water moves into the scallop, mucus traps plankton in the water for the scallop to eat.
  • Many scallops have both male and female sex organs.

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