Sensational scallops!

The most sought after scallops in the world.

Caught off the coast between Geraldton and Exmouth Gulf in Western Australia.

We also catch some scallops in Darwin. Darwin does not have scallop boats, but sometimes they are a by-catch of the prawn trawlers near the end of the year during the tiger prawn season.

We sell a large range of scallops from W.A to Japan, both the meat and in half shell.     

Did you know?

  • Unlike mussels and clams, scallops can swim by clapping their shells together quickly.
  • Scallops have 60 eyes on the edge of their shell that are usually a blue color.
  • As water moves into the scallop, mucus traps plankton in the water for the scallop to eat.
  • Many scallops have both male and female sex organs.
  • Scallops cannot survive out of the water for more than an hour, which is why we shuck our fresh oysters daily in our shop.

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