Prawns galore!

The majority of our prawns are caught in the Gulf of Carpentaria and the Bonaparte Gulf off the Top End of the NT.

In the Northern Territory, as opposed to other parts of Australia, our trawlers stay out for weeks, sometimes months, at a time. All the prawns are snap frozen out at sea. So, don't be fooled by fish shops claiming they have "fresh, locally cooked prawns"! These prawns have been defrosted and cooked. 

We only get fresh prawns 1-2 times a year at the start of the banana prawn season when they are fishing in Fog Bay.cooked prawns

As the local boats don't cook on board we source our cooked prawns from South Australia, W.A and East Coast which are King Prawns

Did you know? 

  • There are over 128 species of prawns.
  • Prawns are a good source of protein, iron and Vitamins B12 and D.
  • A prawn's lifespan depends on its location. Some live for over six years, and others only one year.
  • One of the most unusual prawns is the Pistol Shrimp, which has a claw that it shuts with such force that its sound waves kill or stun nearby prey.
  • Prawns have an exoskeleton that they shed periodically throughout their lives.

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