Occy, occy, occy...

Octopus are a rare delicacy – caught in crayfish and lobster pots off the West Australian Coast.

Our range of octopus includes...

  • Baby Occy
  • Headless Occy
  • Whole Occy
  • Marinated Occy 
Did you know?
  • There are over 200 species of octopus scattered throughout the oceans.
  • An octopus has three hearts. Two of them pump blood through each of the gills and the third pumps blood through the body.
  • An octopus is all muscle and no bones, typical of the invertebrate characteristics. The body of the octopus is so flexible that it can squeeze itself through a tiny hole.
  • If an octopus loses an arm it will grow back.
  • The fastest an octopus can swim is 25 mph, but only for a short distance.
  • Ocotopus are very intelligent and can navigate mazes, solve puzzles, imitate observed behaviour and distinguish shapes. 
  • Usually an octopus lives between 2-5 years. A male usually dies shortly after mating. A female lives long enough to nurse her eggs to hatch.
  • An octopus' blood is blue.

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